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Around 5 million people, in 2 million properties live in flood risk areas in England and Wales


Surrey is vulnerable to two types of flooding:

  • Inundation of floodplains by river water.
  • Local flooding when the drainage network is overwhelmed by intense rain storms.

The Environment Agency has an important role in warning people about the risk of flooding, and in reducing the likelihood of flooding from rivers and the sea.

The Environment Agency provides advice on:

  • The risk of flooding.
  • Flood warnings.
  • How to limit the effects of floods to you and your property.
  • What to do when flooding is imminent.
  • How to clean up after a flood.

further information

  • Visit the Environment Agency website on:
    Environment Agency - Flood
  • The National Flood Forum can provide independent advice on ways for property owners to prepare for flooding
    The National Flood Forum
  • If you want to join the pilot for the Extreme Rainfall Alert Service, then send an e-mail to
  • If you have any weather related questions, these can either be answered by contacting the Met Office customer centre on 0870 900 0100 or by e-mailing them on

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